Single Vision Lenses

Single vision prescription lenses contain the same amount of vision correction over the entire lens. These lenses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Single vision lenses can come in a couple varieties. In terms of reading glasses, full frame reading glasses are your standard readers. Being wider, they provide a larger line of up-close vision. Single vision lenses can also be half frame reading glasses that are more narrow frames. These sit at the end of the nose, leaving your line of vision open for seeing things in the distance.

Seeing Clearly in the Distance

If you have difficulties focusing on objects in the far distance (shortsighted), single vision lenses will assist you to see clearly and carry out activities such as driving and playing sport with confidence.

Seeing Clearly up Close

If you have trouble focusing on objects up close (longsighted), with single vision lenses you can continue to undertake close tasks such as reading and sewing with ease. These lenses are commonly known as Readers.

Extended Readers are another option which provide the additional benefit of an intermediate viewing zone as well as a close viewing zone. If you work in an office environment or spend a bit of time on a computer, this option can deliver greater benefits and flexibility.

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