The best selling Varilux progressive lenses

Product Information

Setting the standard for natural progressive vision, the worlds most popular premium progressive lens.

The most recommended, best-selling premium progressive addition lens (PAL) of all time, Varilux Comfort® lenses are the gold standard by which all progressive lenses are judged. More than 100 million pairs have been dispensed!

Natural progressive vision made easy

Varilux Comfort lenses give you:

- Uncompromised Vision Near, Far and In-Between

Varilux Comfort lenses provide excellent near, intermediate, distance and peripheral vision, all without compromising the visual quality of any single zone.

- Easy Wearability
The patented design makes Varilux Comfort lenses easy to wear.

- Easy Adaptation
Smooth transitions between visual zones make Varilux Comfort lenses easy to adapt to.

- Reduced head and neck strain
The soft periphery and easy access to the reading zone minimizes unnatural head movement, increasing your physical well-being.


Modern life is so demanding on your eyes

Varilux Comfort is a line of progressive lenses that has established a new standard on the market since its launch. With its high performances and ease of adaptation, it immediately became the well-loved classic of the optician industry. Initially designed to respect the natural postures of the wearer in his/her daily tasks, it provided a maximal visual comfort whatever the activities. But, over the past years many new tools have appeared (mobile phones, MP3 players, computers), which significantly impacted the visual requirements (with miniaturization, screens everywhere, frequent transitions between visions zones). Recently redeveloped to fit this modern environment, Varilux Comfort New Edition offers the wearer a natural vision, whatever the distance and the task, including digital devices.

The Total Comfort System

The Total Comfort System initiative has enabled the development of a lens that meets the requirements of wearers working and living in today's demanding environment. By using the very latest technologies, Essilor Research & Development are able to determine the exact behaviours of presbyopes over long periods of time.

Varilux Comfort New Edition lenses are manufactured using Digital Surfacing to ensure that the total Comfort System is properly applied. The calculation og the design has been optimised and the manufacturing process is used to adapt the lens design precisely and optimise it for each individual wearer's prescription.

Varilux Comfort Progressive Lenses Benefits

Wider field of vision through new calculation technology
More comfortable dynamic vision and less swim / sway effect thanks to a softer design
More natural near vision, tailored to modern day requirements

The Varilux Comfort New Edition range

Varilux Comfort New Edition Short provides Varilux Comfort New Edition performance even in small frames (minimum fitting height 14mm)

All Varilux Comfort New Edition lenses are available with eyecode, resulting in lenses being five times more optically precise and offering instant and effortless vision

Varilux Comfort New Edition lenses are recommended for:

Presbyopes who already wear Varilux Comfort
First time varifocal wearers

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