What is Xperio?


Xperio is a new brand of polarized sunlenses from Essilor, the world's leader in ophtalmic lenses. Our lenses are available whatever your prescription through your eyecare professional in more than 100 countries.

Compared to ordinary tinted lenses, Xperio polarized lenses make the difference thanks to benefits including :

• Glare elimination
• Greater eye comfort
• Unmatched clarity of vision
• True color perception
• 100% UV protection

We truly believe Xperio is the best visual solution for your outside activies : once a wearer experience polarized lenses, he doesn't want to go back to ordinary tinted lenses ! Experience it yourself!

Please ask your eyecare professional for an Xperio equipment, and don't forget your eye prescription!

Xperio Advantage

XPERIO® vs Competition

Xperio lenses meet or exceed rigorous performance standards, to provide you with the best polarized lenses available on the market. Let's see the results of our tests to make your own opinion.

A better durability thanks to a better scratch resistance fewer scratches mean of course a clearer vision. But did you note sunwear lenses that last longer mean also you don't have to replace them as often?

Xperio polarized sunlenses are proved to be more resistant to scratches, with a stistically significant advantage over our largest competitor..

Glare elimination

The perfect everyday lans! Eliminates reflected glare and reduces bright light. Provides true color perception.

Greater Eye Comfort

Because the visual comfort of our wearers is a top-priority for us, we strongly encourage you to choose Xperio polarized sunlenses as your primary outdoor pair.

Wearing just ordinary sunglasses under the sun may lead to eyestrain.
Xperio polarized lenses block bothersome glare protecting the eyes and preventing from headaches.

Did you know "visual comfort" is the main benefit wearers are looking for when they choose their sunlenses, more than UV protection ?

Clarity of Vision

Behind the wheel, more than 90% of decisions and reactions depend on good vision. Glare delays driver reaction times. Xperio lenses virtually eliminate blinding glare and offer a better anticipation on the road.

In 2008, a specialized institute measured driver reaction times for Xperio polarized lenses vs ordinary sunlenses(2).
Driver reaction time is improved by 1/3 of a second, allowing drivers to stop the vehicle 7 meters sooner at 80km/h. It’s the length of an intersection!

In the presence of glare, it has been proven by usage tests(1) that polarized lenses improve contrast sensitivity by 75% allowing wearers to enjoy a better clarity of vision as opposed to ordinary sunlenses.

In addition, Xperio polarized lenses passed the standard test of traffic light recognition(3) (Z 80.3)

Xperio lenses are recommended to drive more safely!

True color perception

Light can be dazzling, making it uncomfortable and difficult to see clearly. Colors are dulled because of this dazzling light. It can happen when you are walking outside, when you are practicing watering activities or even in the city where the sun's rays are reflected from many shiny surfaces.

Xperio polarized lenses eliminate glare and thus reveal the true colors of your environment. You'll appreciate the ability to see all the detail nature offers.

Clinical study show that Xperio polarized lenses improve contrast sensitivity by 75% allowing wearers to experience the outdoors with increased clarity of vision, as opposed to ordinary tinted lenses.

100% UV protection

Sun is usually associated with pleasure, well being and health. We look better and healthier with a tan, don’t we? Unfortunately for eyes, there is no benefit from the sun – only danger! Your eyes don’t go brown in the sun, they get damaged. You protect your skin against the sun’s rays, so why not protect your eyes?

Xperio polarized lenses completely block UV rays, providing 100% UV protection – reducing potential vision damage. Unlike regular sunglasses, they also eliminate virtually all glare, allowing you to see more clearly and comfortably outdoors. That’s one detail you shouldn’t forget when choosing your next pair of sunglasses.

A panel of respondents participated in a two-week home usage test of polarized sunglasses, in which they were asked to use them instead of their current sunglasses. After a 2-week trial, they were asked what they felt about Xperio polarized lenses.

- Almost all respondents would recommend polarized lenses to a friend.
- Almost all respondents said polarized sunglass experience exceeded their expectations.
- The majority of respondents expects to buy polarized sunglasses at an Eye care professional office after the trial.

“ I first noticed the clarity of the images. Everything seemed crisper and clearer. Images were more dimensional."

“ I can see much clearer and deeper. The sky is clear and colors are brighter. The glasses performed better in high glare situations and in water.”

“ I am no longer dazzled when I drive. I can see very clear and they work great in the car. Driving with them is the greatest difference”

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