Distance Glasses

Distance glasses are eyeglasses worn for distant vision. If you have difficulties seeing distant things that, then distance eyewear maybe the best solution for you. Here, Firmoo, as a professional online optical shop, offers a wide range of qulaity yet inexpensive distance eyeglasses to bring you a clear-vision world and to compliment your personal style.

These prescription glasses for distance sight come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes to suit the preference of everyone who wears them. You can find lots of distance vision glasses in different trendy styles from vintage ones to modern ones, from rimless ones to full rimmed ones, from dark colored ones to bright colored ones and more.

Features of Distance Eyeglasses

- The lens are with good light transmission, bright and healthy to the eyes.
- A combination of function and fashion.
- They are absolutely the hottest fashion statement, making them a great choice for any occasion.
- These spectacles will be repeatedly checked by our experienced professionals including the quality of frames and the accuracy of lens prescription before shipping.

Distance Glasses for Short Sightedness

Lenses in the distance glasses are the exact opposite of those found in reading glasses. Unlike reading glasses, the lenses in distance glasses are concave and help the eyes to focus on things that are further away.

The technical term for short sightedness is Myopia, but it is often referred to as “near sightedness”. Instead of reading glasses, distance glasses are required to help you see things that are in the distance so this is crucial for obeying the law when driving.

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