The KODAK Precise

The KODAK Precise Progressives revolutionary design provides more clarity in more places for wearers that require a bifocal or multifocal lens. This means that you will experience sharp optics in all viewing distances up close, in mid-distance, and as far as the eye can see.

With the KODAK Precise Progressive, wearers achieve visual clarity through broader sections of their lenses, which allows for more natural-feeling eye movement.

The result is a more wearable pair of lenses with a versatility that is easier on your eyes. And, since the KODAK Precise Progressive design all but eliminates peripheral distortion, wearers don't have to worry about the swim effect common with lesser progressive lenses.

The KODAK Precise Progressive is the most aesthetically-minded lens. Lens lines are eliminated, flatter base curves improve the overall look of the lenses, and high index materials minimize lens thickness.

Why Prescribe KODAK Precise Lenses?

KODAK Precise Progressive Lens was created by Signet Armorlite scientists using Vision First Design Technology, a mathematical process that allows the desired power to be specified at virtually every point on the lens for vision one step closer to perfect.

With peripheral distortion all but eliminated, adaptation is fast and easy.

KODAK Precise Progressives revolutionary design provides superb clarity in all viewing areas for your presbyope patients up close, throughout the mid-distance range, and as far as the eye can see. With its all-around optics and visual freedom, KODAK Precise Progressive Lens wearers have compared their wearing experience to single vision eyewear.

Individual designs are used for each base and add to allow patients to receive a lens that more accurately suits their visual needs.

The additional binocular characteristics found in KODAK Precise Progressive Lenses improve the visual balance of peripheral vision in both eyes. Wearers enjoy enhanced peripheral line integrity without experiencing a momentary blurry sensation.

KODAK Precise Progressive Lenses are available in a wide range of materials to fit the needs and preferences of most of your patients.

Patient Experience

Each viewing area works together to provide a more natural-feeling wearing experience, while maintaining excellent individual performance.

- The wide near zone is perfectly placed to promote natural head and eye movement for up-close activities. This gives presbyopes the reading power they need, where they need it most.

- The intermediate zone transitions smoothly between distance and near while providing clear mid-range vision.

- The distance area is large and provides excellent optics.

The smooth progression of power across the lens greatly reduces the swim effect, making it virtually unnoticeable by most wearers.

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