New Lenses For Old Frames

Love your current frames and just need us to create and install new lenses for your glasses? No problem!

With over 10 years experience in the business of replacing eyeglass lenses in customer's frames, we know how much your favorite pair means to you. When you send us your eyeglasses for lens replacement we take the utmost care of your frames. We inspect and clean it before and after lens installation and tighten up any loose screws or threads. We manufacture and install the new lenses for old frames you provide us. You can easily select which lenses you need during the order process. If you send in your frames without a proper case, we will give you a free case. How great is that? The replacement eyeglass lenses service includes maintenance, cleaning, lens replacement, case and cleaning cloth and it's all very affordable.

The process is very easy. Simply visit the order page and click the add to cart button to begin the order process for your new prescription lenses. Enter the type of eyeglass lenses you need and the prescription for your new lenses. Then select the material and any extra coatings like anti-reflective or tint. That's it! You can review everything including the price before adding everything to your shopping cart. Remember, this is for replacing your eyeglass lenses in your frame. You will have to package and ship your frames to our NY based lab. We will take care of the rest.

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Replace eyeglass lenses

Did you damage your lenses and just want another set of lenses? We can manufacture new lenses for old frames that you provide with a more durable material and quickly return them back to you.

The Replacement eyeglass lenses service is designed to give you the flexibility of trying different materials and coatings. If you previously had regular plastic lenses and they keep getting them scratched or cracked, it's time to try polycarbonate lenses. Your prescription is high but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg. Try our cost effective high index lenses. Progressive Lenses? You betcha! We carry a dozen different brands from Varilux, Essilor, Kodak and our own brand. We even offer them to be digitally made specifically for you.

The nice thing about using a replacement eyeglass lenses service like ours is the selection of lenses. If you ever wanted to try something new, you don't need to purchase an expensive frame adding to the overall cost. We handle thousands of lens replacements every month, we have one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry and we offer a money back guarantee. What else do you need to try us?

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Prescription lenses only

Do you need prescription lenses only? Can you easily install the lenses yourself? Great! Send us your old lenses so that we can trace them. Provide your new prescription and we will make new lenses for old frames that you love. You can then install them yourself, or have a local optician install them for you.

Our state of the art equipment can trace the inside of a frame or the outside of a lens. So if you have experience in taking out lenses from your frame, we can easily provide you new lenses for old frames you have been wearing for years. You can simply place your order for the new lenses and send us the old lenses. We will simply trace and create the same shape with your new prescription and then send both sets right back to you. If this is more convenient for you, we can definitely do this, it's part of our replacement lens service.

You don't need to do anything different for this. Simply place your order and instead of shipping your entire glasses frame for lens replacement, just include your old lenses in the package. Prescription lenses only are available for all optical frames. Meaning, if your frame has had prescription lenses in the past, we can 100% replace those lenses.

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