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   Replacement Lenses
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Replacement Lenses
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Replacement Lenses
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What is Eyeglass Lens Replacement

Wearing glasses has become an integral part of many people's lives, providing them with improved vision and clarity. Over time, however, the need for replacement lenses may arise due to wear and tear, changes in prescription, or the desire to upgrade to advanced lens technologies. Thankfully, replacement lenses for glasses offer an effective solution, allowing individuals to revitalize their eyewear while ensuring optimal visual acuity.

Upgrade Your Prescription

As time passes, it is common for changes to occur in your eyesight, leading to an updated prescription. Rather than investing in a brand-new pair of glasses, replacing the lenses can be a cost-effective alternative. By consulting with an optometrist or ophthalmologist, you can obtain an updated prescription and have it accurately incorporated into replacement lenses. This way, you can continue enjoying the comfort and familiarity of your existing frames while improving your visual experience.

Enhance Visual Clarity

Technology continues to advance, and the same applies to lens designs. Replacement lenses offer an opportunity to upgrade your eyewear by choosing from a wide range of advanced options. For instance, you can opt for high-index lenses, which are thinner and lighter than traditional lenses, providing improved aesthetics and reducing the weight on your nose. Another option is anti-reflective coating, which minimizes glare and enhances contrast, particularly useful for those who spend significant time in front of screens or drive at night.

Protect Your Eyes

Replacement lenses can also address specific eye health needs. For example, if you spend considerable time outdoors, lenses with built-in UV protection can shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Additionally, some replacement lenses can incorporate blue-light filtering technology, reducing exposure to the potentially harmful blue light emitted by digital screens. Such lenses can help alleviate digital eye strain and promote healthier vision in our technology-driven world.

Customization and Versatility

One of the advantages of replacement lenses is the ability to customize them to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you require bifocals, progressives, or transition lenses that adapt to changing light conditions, these options can be incorporated into your replacement lenses. Furthermore, tinted or polarized lenses can be added to provide sun protection and reduce glare during outdoor activities. The wide array of choices ensures that you find the perfect lenses to match your specific needs and style.


Choosing replacement lenses contributes to a more sustainable approach to eyewear. Instead of discarding your frames and purchasing entirely new glasses, replacing lenses allows you to extend the lifespan of your eyeglasses, reducing waste and minimizing your environmental impact. By embracing this eco-friendly option, you can actively participate in the pursuit of a greener future.

Why Choose Our Lab

LensesRx is the prescription eyeglass lens replacement specialist. We have thousands of happy customers constantly telling us that they have tried other services for prescription lens replacement online, but when they used our service they never looked back. We offer a huge selection of prescription lenses at amazingly low prices. If you are looking to replace lenses on your current eyeglasses look no further.

Why our service is better

> Our opticians and technicians are licensed and certified with dozens of years of experience in old methods and new.
> Our state of the art equipment allows us to work quickly and effectively on almost any frame. Speed and Quality are of major importance to us.
> Our software sends email notificatons to you as your precious eyeglasses move through our lab. You are never left in the dark on what's going on.
> We use only high quality lenses. Instead of providing cheap lenses, we provide high quality lenses and focus on minimal profits in hope for return business.
> If you send us your old frames without a case, we will provide a high quality case and cleaning cloth, absolutely free.
> If you get your eyeglasses and can't see, we will work with your doctor to make the necessary changes at no cost to you.
> If your product breaks while in our lab (Unfortunately, this happens sometimes) We will reach out to the manufacturer to get a new replacement or offer you store credit so that you are never left without eyeglasses.
> We sometimes randomly send vouchers for free eyeglass lens replacement to repeat customers. You could be next!

How to order

> Start by clicking "Add To Cart" and follow each step of the form to create the lenses for your eyeglasses. If you have any issues or don't understand something, please call or email us right away. We are here to help you make the buying process as easy as possible. Buying eyeglass lens replacement online can be a difficult process for new customers and we are here to help.
> Make a payment using your credit card, paypal, check or money order.

After placing your order

> Print your invoice and package your eyeglasses for shipment. The way you package and ship the eyeglasses to our lab for the eyeglass lens replacement service is completely up to you. Putting the eyeglasses inside the hardshell and shipping in a padded envelope is the best and cheapest way.
> If you need the eyeglass lens replacement service to update your prescription, please include a copy of your latest prescription. If you want us to replace lenses on scratched and damaged lenses, we can usually get the prescription from the old lenses and a prescription is not necessary. We try to make the prescription lenses replacement process as simple as possible for you.
> Ship everything to our lab located at:

LensesRX Optical
2343 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island NY, 10306-3129

What happens next?

> Once we receive the package, we will notify you immediately. The optician then begins the inspection process for eyeglass lens replacement. You will receive multiple emails letting you know as your eyeglasses move throughout our lab and when your prescription lenses replacement is completed.
> Once the eyeglasses have been approved for lens replacement, we take apart your eyeglasses. Clean the frame by hand and using our sonic cleaner. Do any small repairs if we see fit and get the frame ready for service.

> The lenses you have chosen during your order process are cut and installed into your frame. The prescription and lenses are validated during the inspection process.

> Your eyeglasses then go to another cleaning station where they are also disinfected and packaged for shipment to be returned back to you.

> You can usually have your eyeglass back with new lenses in about a week. Please understand, higher-end lenses may require more time as they will come directly from the manufacturer, if we do not have them in stock. We are an authorized distributor for Varilux, Crizal, Transition, Zeiss and Kodak lenses. Rest assure you will only get high quality product with our service.

Looking for sunglass lens replacement?

> We have a specialized Sunglass replacement service. The reason its specialized is because we have special state of the art machines that create custom HD lenses for sunglasses that are of equal or sometimes better quality to big brands like Oakley, Maui Jim, etc. Please visit our Sunglass Lens Replacement Service if you wish to replace lenses on sunglasses.

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All of our products come standard with a 30 day money back guarantee on frames, lenses and labor. There are no re-stock fees, no return fees and no hassle returns or exchanges on anything you buy from us, including spare parts and accessories. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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