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Website Terms and Conditions:

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Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Your use of our site or your purchases through our site constitutes your agreement to our Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

We define a purchase as placing an order with us via phone, email, our website, fax, or any other means not delineated specifically.

All orders will be filled without alteration and we will attempt to meet all of the specific parts of your individual orders to the best of our ability. There are no guarantees that orders will be filled error-free. Once a purchase is entered into our system, we will provide email confirmation of your order. This email confirmation is only intended to provide you with a reference and in no way binds us to sending you the product/s ordered.

We do not guarantee availability. When a product is not in stock, we will contact you within 24 hours and will offer to either refund your money or provide you with a replacement product. If, after we contact you, we receive no response from you, the order will be cancelled and your money will be refunded.

If you provide us with an incorrect address, we are not responsible for sending products to that incorrect address. Merchandise will only be delivered to the address indicated in the orders that we receive.

You are responsible for inspecting the items we send you immediately. If you receive merchandise that does not accurately meet the description or merchandise that includes defective or missing items contact us immediately. Do not use products that include defective or missing items or that does not meet the correct description before contacting us. We are not responsible for your choice to use any items from orders that were incorrect, defective, missing parts prior to contacting us.

We reserve the right to refuse price match requests for any reason we find to be sensible.

We accept all major credit cards as methods of payment. Until you have paid in full, any goods or products remain our property We reserve the right to attempt recovery of unpaid or outstanding balances that remain unpaid after your purchase.

We will pay postage for defective goods. However, you remain liable for merchandise until we receive your returns.

Terms and Conditions for Prescription Eyewear:

Your use of our site constitutes agreement to these terms for prescriptions and prescription purchases.

We define purchasing as placing an order for merchandise with us via phone, email, website, fax, or any other means.

We define prescription purchases as placing orders for products or merchandise prescribed by a licensed optometrist.

To make prescription purchases, you must have a prescription from a registered optometrist. Your submission of a prescription purchase is your guarantee that you possess a recent written legitimate prescription from a registered optometrist and that your prescription purchase will be used in full accordance with your optometrist’s prescribed regimen.

We always reserve the right to contact your optometrist to verify all of your prescriptions and prescription purchases. We also reserve the right to ask to have copies of your original prescription faxed or emailed to us.

The details of prescriptions for all prescription purchases are included among the details of your prescription purchases. It is your sole responsibility to verify that the product/s match/es your optometrists prescription before purchase and before usage.

In the case that the actual product or merchandise does not match the prescription that you submitted in your order, refrain from using the product or merchandise and contact us immediately.

When you purchase a prescription product from us you must also review and consent to the terms and conditions of the purchase contract.

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